OceanPlus Ship Weather Routeing

What we provide

Forecasts delivered in text, table and plot form emailed as PDF files.

Daily enroute 5-10 day forecasts, optimised routeing, post voyage analysis, forensic meteorology and voyage reconstruction.                                    

Bespoke trigger/alert services or customer directed thresholds for wind/sea conditions, limitations for routeing services such as piracy or weather windows of opportunity.

Pre-voyage briefs for optimum routeing with data and maps detailing key weather and oceanographic parameters along the transit. 

Demonstrated fuel savings up to 5-10% have been achieved where greater % savings are highly route specific. 

Executive summary covering virtual on time arrival, ECA, emissions criteria as requested.

Daily tropical weather and warning service that frequently issues advice well in advance of government agencies.

Timely and cost effective post voyage analysis reports for ship owners and charterers detailing vessel performance information covering track, speed made good, fuel consumption, SEEMP compliance and EEOI.


Marine Weather Forecasts

Innovative Marine Weather Forecast Services



What we do

Forecasts written by WMO qualified and experienced marine meteorologists.

The latest technology is used to provide detailed route and weather services for safe and efficient voyages / marine activities. 

Global marine weather forecast and routeing service, backed up by continuous monitoring and analysis of weather, including tropical storms, ocean current evolution and a numeric post voyage analysis.  

Products can be purchased separately or as a bespoke package with no requirement for an annual contract or specialist licensed software for use on board.

Products packaged and delivered in a wide range of formats that best suit client needs.