What we do:

  • Enroute forecasts along the track based on waypoints and estimated positions.
  • Dynamic monitoring of ship positions and progress along the recommended route.
  • Detailed guidance of the conditions to be expected over the next 48 hours, plus an outlook for the next 5 days and any advice on routeing out to 10 days in order to minimise the negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts of the forecast environmental conditions. 

What we provide:

The daily forecast contains the following information: 

  • Table, graphics and text covering key information out to 5 days ahead.
  • Warnings - Standard weather warnings are provided according to the GMDSS and WMO guidance (Gales, Fog, Strong Winds, High Seas, Icing, Ice). Warnings can be ship and voyage specific as requested by the Master/Operator. 
  • General Situation – General synoptic situation.
  • Wind – Beaufort force and cardinal point forecast.
  • Weather – Significant weather.
  • Visibility – Forecast visibility.
  • Sea State – Beaufort sea state.
  • Swell – Swell type, height and direction.
  • Currents – speed and direction.
  • Outlook – summary of the conditions over the ship's route for the next 5 days.
  • Route Recommendations – any routeing advice (safety, on time arrival, efficiency (fuel economy)).

Special Weather Advisory Reports & Warnings:

If there are safety concerns, e.g. tropical storms, ice (marginal ice zone, reports of icebergs), very high seas, very strong winds or special instructions regarding the voyage then a Special Weather Advisory Warning will be issued including updated routeing recommendations if necessary.


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